Saturday, March 10, 2012

5 Months Old

This Month:
14.3 lbs
Size 2 Diapers
Moving into size 3/6 jammies
Favorite Toys right now: red rattle, blue ball, snoopy, and your blankie
You found and now LOVE your toes!!
You can reach out and grab things now, including Mommy's cheeks, lips, and nose :-)
You still have your beautiful blue eyes
You love story time and your favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear
You had your 1st Valentine's Day
You had your 1st trip to the ER (just a viral cold with a high temp)
You have started eating foods: Peas and Cereal so far
You love Apple Juice
You talk, laugh, and squeal all of the time
You are almost sitting up by yourself
You can roll from your back to your belly now
1st Time: February 19th
You can roll over however you want and you do it a lot
You love playing outside

You have grown so much sweet boy! I love you to the moon and back!! 

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