Friday, February 10, 2012

4 Months Old

Could it be that my sweet angel is already 4 months?
Yes, he is! 
Pictures were fun because he now loves to try to sit up, but can't very good by himself. 
He was all over the place as I was snapping pictures! It was funny!

This Month:
12.4 lbs
You continue to sleep around 8 hours through the night
You eat oatmeal cereal in your bedtime bottle and you really like that stuff
You talk SO much!
You want to sit up all the time. If I lay you back you pull up! (not from laying down though)
You attended your first Yellow Ribbon Event where we found out Daddy's deployment to Afghanistan this year has been cancelled
You played in your jumperoo for the first time, still a bit too small for it
You love watching/listening to your praise baby dvd because it has some bright lights
You are totally mesmerized when Daddy plays his acoustic guitar for you
You drool/slober/chew on everything and everyone
You have started teething. You have 2 teeth on the bottom that will be coming in soon!
You have a red rattle and a blankie that you love to hold on to
You can sit in your bumbo seat and you love it
You love to look at other babies (cousin Noah)

Mommy and Daddy love you so much! I can't believe how much you are growing! We love you so much sweet boy! 

*He is not leaning against the back of the chair in any of the pictures. He was sitting up by himself! 

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