Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scary Rash = Children's Hospital

On Thursday morning I noticed an odd spot on Parker's cheek. When I looked at the rest of his body I found a rash on his arms and legs. Also, his hands and feet were very swollen. Of course, I panicked!! I called his doctor's office and they made me an appointment for that afternoon. The Dr. checked him out and thought that he was having an allergic reaction. To what, we could not figure out. Nothing in our routine had been changed and we had not had any visitors at all. I was puzzled as well as the Dr. as to what was causing it. He said that I should monitor it and it should start getting better. 
That night at home I was a nervous wreck. With parts of him swollen I was afraid his tongue or throat may do it as well. I didn't want to sleep in case he stopped breathing or had trouble breathing. But there were no issues and we slept through the night. 
When we woke up the next morning, the rash was MUCH, MUCH, MUCH worse!! I immediately called the doctor's office again and they wanted to see him ASAP. We rushed to the Dr. and he was truly confused at the whole thing. There were like 3 different rashes going on. His arms, legs, and face had giant, red welts, his belly was covered in small, red dots, and he had swollen hands/feet. Also, there is nothing on his back. 
Our Dr. sent us to Arkansas Children's Hospital yesterday evening. The Dr. there said he had a severe reaction to his formula. They took his blood to check his blood count. The test came back great and normal so he has no infection or sickness. He is allergic to milk-based formulas. We were so relieved to finally know what was causing our baby pain and so thankful it was an easy fix!! 
We are now on a new formula and Parker is adjusting well. The rash is already beginning to improve. The Dr. did let us know that it could take a week or two for the rash to completely go away. As long as our baby doesn't hurt anymore, I'll be okay!
This just breaks a Momma's heart! 

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  1. awwww... so glad you guys found out the issue with this! That would be so scary! :)
    Hope it's all cleared up! :)


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