Thursday, November 10, 2011

1 Month Old

Our sweet boy is already a month old!
 I can't believe it.
 I wish there was a pause button to freeze time for just a bit! 
This boy just melts my heart!  

The last age post was for 3 weeks. I skipped doing a 4 weeks and will be doing monthly from now on.  So his "this week" items are from 3 weeks - 1 month. 

This Week:
You broke out in an awful rash
You had your first (and hopefully last) visit to AR Children's Hospital
You are allergic to milk-based formula
You attended your first Fall Carnival at Lamar Elementary
You are bonding with Daddy a whole bunch now that he is home
You can hold your head up by yourself for a long time
You continue to make noises and sounds in your sleep
You are starting to enjoy bath time a little bit
You are beginning to spend more time awake during the day (sometimes you skip a nap)
You have some new toys that Daddy bought and you are trying to learn what to do with them

You are the light of my life sweet baby! Mommy is more in love with you than I ever imagined possible! 


  1. Time flies doesn't it!? People always used to tell me how fast it would go, but I didn't believe them till it already happened. My son is almost 3 and I can still remember when he was your son's size like it was yesterday. New follower from the blog hop! :)

  2. Oh he's so cute! One month already? Time is flying. Love your new header too


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