Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby Shower #2

Yesterday the wonderful ladies I work with at the school threw Parker and I a baby shower! It was an all day, drop-in shower that had cake, punch, and foooood! It was amazing! I couldn't have asked for anything better! I am so blessed to have such a GREAT school family! 

The cake looked and tasted AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much Samantha! It was perfect!

Diaper Cake by Stephanie!

Back Seat loaded up!

The very back completely loaded full!

ONLY diapers and wipes!!! These will come in soooo handy!!!!

Every gift from the shower! Parker is set! 


  1. You have got so much stuff. You are set girl! I loved that cake. Totally cute

  2. Wow!!! Looks like you and Parker got SPOILED! Too fun!

  3. yaaayyy parker got a lotta stuff!!


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