Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day #27 & #28

I have really been lagging lately in the whole blogging aspect. This sweet baby is making me SO tired and exhausted ALL the time. When I make it home from work, I pretty much just collapse. So I decided to do two days of my challenge together so that I can finish it up (maybe sometime soon)! 

Day 27 is a picture of you with a family member. I found a picture of my aunt, mom, and I. It is from Christmas 2009. The 3 of us are pretty close and we are always up to something. I few years ago we decided to take a picture like Charlie's Angels (I can't remember why). It has become a sort of picture tradition now. We are nuts, there is no denying it! :-) 

Day 28 is a picture of something you are afraid of. Storms! Eeek! I'm really scared of all kinds of storms, especially tornadoes. Just the thought is scary! 

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