Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm Still Here!

I may, just may, be getting some of my energy back?! I have done nothing but work and sleep this past month and I have never felt so exhausted all of the time. I am excited to have some energy so I can get back to things I love, including blogging! 

The baby is still doing great! Keith and I had an appointment on March 10th and everything was good. I go back on April 12th. I am excited for this appointment because I think I will be able to hear the heartbeat a bit better. It was very, very faint the last time. Keith won't be with me this next time. He will be in Wisconsin for a military class for 2 weeks. Then in May he will be in California for 3 weeks for their annual training summer camp. In June though . . . I think we will find out the sex of the baby AND we are getting married!!! I'm so excited and ready for both wonderful things! I am counting down the days till we will be laying on Tybee Island! 

After our last appointment Keith and I went to Books A Million and looked at some baby books! :-) We left with a baby name book, that we have yet to look at hehe, and a guitar book. The guitar book is called 100 Kid Songs and he is going to learn the great ones to play for our sweet lil baby! Yay! 

And I also now have a teeny weeny little baby bump! I took this picture on Sunday, March 20. I was 10 weeks and 3 days! 


  1. congratulations! i hate the tired feeling that you get when you are pregnant, feels like it slows you down times 10!

  2. cute pic of the baby bump! glad to know you are doing well :)

  3. Aww.... how cute. I'm glad to see you back Jess! So you guys are gonna find out? Not going to keep it a surprise?

  4. I miss you! It's so good to hear that everything is okay with you and the baby! Have a good week pretty lady!

  5. Haha..your baby bump is how my stomach looks on a regular day...ah to be a skinny minny! Glad to hear you're doing well!!

  6. What a cute little baby bump!


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