Friday, February 11, 2011

Some Joyful Moments

Today at FTLOB it is Joyful Moments Friday!!! FTLOB is co-hosting with Lisa from Joyful Jones! You should check out both wonderful sites! Here are some of my joyful moments. Warning: I have A LOT!

Keith makes me laugh all the time!!

My Bestie and I have so many wonderful times!

These two babies are my favorite lil kiddos ever!!! 

EVERYTHING to do with my wedding!!! 

My friend Lara! She is my teacher buddy!!

My kindergarten sweetie pies!

My Family!! 
My bubba Justin, his g/f Dani, Me, and Keith

Old pictures of my family!
 (Grandma's Senior Picture)


  1. what a heap of joyfulness :D good stuff!

  2. I love old pictures too! I have a few hat boxes full of them that my grandma gave me that I am in the process of scanning for her--so fun to look at the clothes, the hair!, and the background :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. love the picture of your grandmother!

  4. I'd say those are all reasons to be joyful!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! Looks like you've got a wonderful circle of friends and family!

  6. lots of reasons to by oh so joyful! Love the senior picture of your grandma! My daughter is almost ready to start her student teaching here in Washington State. She is doing the dual major for Special ed/elementary ed. so someday she will have a picture like you do of a classroom! Loved this post!

  7. Jessica, thanks for stopping by! I am your latest follower. Your blog is great and I am looking fwd to the wedding preparations! Have a great weekend! Sonia

  8. Your blog is just lovely...

    Congrats on your engagement, sweetie!

  9. What great pictures!!! Definitely some joyful moments there. Thanks for linking up! HUGS!!!


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