Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day & 2 Birthdays

For Mother's Day, we took my Mom and Grandma out to breakfast at Bob Evan's. It was very good and they even gave us Momma's a carnation! Parker was so funny with the flowers!

Some amazing women in my life! My Momma & Grandma!

Our 4 Generations! 
Love my Momma so, so much!
After our special breakfast, we had a birthday party to attend. Our little nephew turned 2!
Parker and Cousin Noah (the birthday boy)
Look at my big boy sitting by himself and eating his pizza by himself!
It was Sesame St. themed! Parker loved running around with the other kids and chasing balloons!
Doing a bottle cap necklace craft with Daddy!
Thinking that the necklace felt funny on his neck, hehe!
Mmmm cupcake!!!

AND . . . Yesterday was also the birthday of my BFF/SIL! Lenette is my amazingly awesome best friend who just so happened to end up being my sister in law! I feel so blessed/lucky to have her in my life! I got her a donut from dunkin donuts with a candle that sings the happy birthday song! It was perfect! I think she knows how much she means to me!

She was so happy she took a picture of it! I love you best friend! 
When we got home that afternoon, Hubby hand washed my Envoy and we played outside with Parker. It was truly a perfect day.

 I thank God everyday for picking me to be Parker's Mommy! 

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