Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Mom & A Teacher

I'm at a total loss.

I feel like my heart has been ripped apart.

They were babies. Babies. 

As a mother, I can't even begin to imagine the pain those families are going through.

As a teacher, of kindergarten babies, this scares me to my core. I haven't really ever thought that someone doing this to sweet, innocent children was possible. Now I do. 

I will do anything for my students. They become my babies. 

What scares me is that there are 18 of them and only 1 of me. I have always had the fear of not being able to protect them all. Normally my fears were about fires or tornadoes. 
Now I have the fear of gunmen. 
I will do everything in my power to protect them. Always. 
I love these babies. 

Spending a lazy weekend with this amazing boy was exactly what my heart needed. 

My prayers are with all the families of those precious angels that are now with our Heavenly Father. My prayers are with the scared survivors, the students, teachers, staff, and all that will eventually have to go back to the school where so much tragedy has happened. 

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