Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend Plans

I'm so excited for this weekend! Tomorrow Keith and I are going hiking on Mt. Nebo! :-) We both were in the mood to be outside doing something so we thought hiking would be great! Since he works nights we only see each other on the weekend, so we normally try to do something out of the house! He is fixing to apply for a full time job at the Armory in Russellville. He will be based out of that unit which means no more driving to Morrilton for drill weekends. And the best part, IT WILL BE DAYS! He will be home at night with me AND on weekends! I would be so thrilled for him to have this job! I will be trying to not get my hopes up . . . 

Also this weekend I get to see my BESTIE!!! A couple days ago a friend of mine heard that there was a bridal fair at the central mall in Fort Smith. I looked it up and it is this Sunday! So Lenette is driving down from Bentonville to go with me! I couldn't go without my Maid of Honor!!! Keith decided he is going to drive up there with me and go visit his twin brother, Kevin, while we are at the bridal fair. I'm so excited for all the events going on these next two days. I hope it doesn't go by too fast! 

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